In the mid-90s, Carlos Santos began his career in the area of electronics at the Wolkswagen plant located in Portugal, shortly after he was encouraged to start his own company, from there he began to serve in Europe.

In 2007, Carlos Santos is invited to a project in Mexico; seeing that the opportunity could grow, he decides to open Robótica y Automación Euromexicana with its operation in the north of Mexico looking for a proximity with the United States.

In 2018, we expanded to Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, under the name: RAE Robotics USA Inc from where we sought to cover the south central area of the country.



In RAE we are dedicated to programming, design, and installation of excellent quality, achieving the satidfaction of our customers. We have trained personnel and we strive to innovate our processes through a management system and continuos improvement.